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“DME Data Solutions has provided our medical center with better informatics regarding our patient base, and helped us to track quality assurance measures for our Rural Sleep Program (HSTs & Telemedicine CPAP). Home sleep testing is about a year old here, and since this is a new program I watch the data like a hawk. DME Data Solutions is the only way I could possibly do this efficiently (my previous use of an Excel spreadsheet was making my head spin and was incredibly time-consuming)."

Rural Sleep Program Coordinator
VA Medical Center

“We've been using the system for several years to manage our patient base of commercial drivers/operators (in the trucking industry.) It's been very helpful and saves us a great deal of time and paperwork."

Medical Director
Occupational Healthcare Provider

“We have been using the inventory management and dispensing system for years now, and as we have grown, the system has been a critical element in our success. It has helped us maintain a tight control over our inventory of CPAPs and related supplies and has also allowed us to closely track patient needs and compliance. Thanks to Ken’s continuous care and support we no longer worry about technology and are instead able to focus on providing better care to our patients."

Medical Director
Physician-Owned DME

“The system has really helped us – it really makes a difference. It’s been especially helpful with regard to our follow-up protocol."

DME Manager
Home Healthcare Provider